DuPont Nutrition & Health, through its agreement with Lonza, will be able to obtain a significant volume for the growing global HMOs market.

Lonza Specialty Ingredients, biotechnology and specialty ingredient company and DuPont Nutrition & Health, the Specialty Products Division business of DowDuPont recently announced that they have entered into a deal under which Lonza will be developing and supplying CARE4U™ 2’-FL, a leading human milk oligosaccharide (HMO).

Development of HMOs, as has been reported by sources close to the matter, is a part of DuPont Nutrition & Health’s larger microbiome investment strategy as it is a world leader in microbial technology, health and nutrition and HMOs development is central to expanding scalable production methods.

John Rea, Global Business Unit Leader at DuPont Nutrition & Health has been reported to say that DuPont would be enabled to offer high-quality HMOs to customers and speed up commercialization prospects by its strategic engagement with Lonza.

Erasmo Schutzer, President of Consumer Health Division, Lonza, has been reported to say that Lonza, in partnership with DuPont, will be applying its leading biotechnology expertise in consumer health and nutrition to develop superior quality human milk oligosaccharide, the CARE4U™ 2’-FL.

For the record, Lonza, the global consumer healthcare, pharmaceutical and nutrition integrated solutions provider, has a comprehensive portfolio of innovative formulation, proprietary nutritional ingredients and delivery technologies besides a strong platform in biotechnology.

For the uninitiated, human milk oligosaccharides support digestive, immune and cognitive development in infants. Such qualities are being imitated in infant formula. CARE4U™ 2’-FL can mimic some of the health-promoting effects of HMOs. A final product formed in a process of microbial fermentation has been found to contain 98% of 2’-fucosyllactose which is the most abundant of all oligosaccharides in human milk. CARE4U™ 2’-FL is therefore one of the purest forms of human milk oligosaccharide products available in the market today.

The world population, which is increasing exponentially, will create a greater demand for infant nutrition products which include HMOs for infant formula. It is being anticipated that DuPont Nutrition & Health, through its agreement with Lonza, will be able to obtain a significant volume for this growing global market.