The Basel headquartered healthcare company Roche Holding AG has globally launched three next-generation sequencing AVENIO Tumor Tissue Analysis Kits for use in oncology research. The new AVENIO Tumor Tissue Targeted Kit, Surveillance Kit and Expanded Kit help to detect all four mutation classes in solid tumors and compliment Roche’s NGS ctDNA kits deployed in oncology research.

Apparently, to determine the genomic characteristics of solid tumors through a single DNA workflow, the AVENIO research-use only portfolio of ready-to-use kits offers reagents and software needed for labs to study the characteristics.

Michael Heuer, CEO Roche Diagnostics, said that the company would be further empowering researchers around the globe to advance personalized oncology with the launch of such innovative analysis tools. The three analysis kits would enable the researchers by giving them relevant panel content to cover the four mutation classes and support various cases requiring genomic profiling, he added.

Similar to the AVENIO ctDNA Analysis Kit introduced in 2017, the AVENIO Tumor Tissue Analysis Kits are aligned with guidelines of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network to support oncology research. Purportedly, the AVENIO family of NGS oncology assays could now be used by the researchers to profile the genomic complexities of various solid tumor types with the use of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded plasma or tissue to get detailed results within five days.

Assistant Professor at Washington University School of Medicine for Radiation Oncology, Aadel Chaudhuri, MD, PhD, stated that Cancer is a complex and dynamic disease, and it is important to get an accurate and detailed summary of the genomic profile of malignancies.

Dr. Chaudhuri further said that Roche has not only developed a new innovative system for genomic profiling of solid tumors, but also to have a better understanding of how tumor burden and tumor heterogeneity change over time. Roche has achieved this through the combination of the three new Tumor Tissue Kits and AVENIO ctDNA kits consisting of the exactly matched gene content.